Another technology of China shocked the world : EAST superconducting tokamak

This is a remarkable achievement . Major national scientific project "EAST superconducting tokamak device "in the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Hefei, Anhui Institute of Plasma organized by the National Development and Reform Commission acceptance .

Speaking of this device , if the scientific sense , that is the ultimate solution to explore the human journey on energy issues , the Chinese people has taken a big step ; or toward the Chinese people , " generated the most prolonged plasma up to 1000 seconds , the temperature More than 100 million degrees Celsius , " the goal of science a step forward .

Experts point out that this indicates that China in the field of superconducting nuclear fusion experimental device to go in the world.

"We became an international fusion conference VIP "

In October 2006 . International Atomic Energy Agency in Chengdu, Sichuan province of China held its 21th International Fusion Energy Conference , EAST million Hee made general manager of the first invitation to address the General Assembly . Report at the end , the participating experts and more than 600 delegates fusion all stood up and applauded warmly . Hee million at the moment feel the pride as a Chinese scientist .

Previously, to participate in fusion science and international conferences , the main plasma and the one who is playing the role of listening to customers . In order to make their research results , they have been posted in the meeting room, study , also conducted oral communication . Now, in the important international conference on fusion plasma scientists must be invited by the report, " We have become such a meeting VIP ( VIP ) . because we developed the EAST take the forefront in this field . "

July 1998 , EAST is the State Planning Commission formally approved the country , " Ninth Five-Year " key scientific and engineering project construction . The total investment of 1.65 billion yuan. The same project , South Korea out of the 300 million U.S. dollars , in the United States needs 570 million U.S. dollars . " short of funds , together with the international community no one did such a device , a number of key technologies have not been successful around the world can learn from the experience . which made us self-reliance , hard work, from design, key technology and process of pre- Research starting dry completely on its own . " million Xi the truth.

"I can not make to , substitutions it "

Dr. Pan Wanjiang participate EAST 31 years old when construction is mainly responsible for the installation of low-temperature insulation composite work .

EAST insulator is a key component of the host , the device has more than 500 pieces of different sizes . As long as one of failure are catastrophic damage. Minor Pan led a few people take the insulator structure design and technology research.

Said than done . An unknown small youth, assumed an international blockade on the implementation of technology , no one in China has ever done important research . No experience to refer to his own.

Trial and error and trial, and then failed again and again ... ... blow to Little Paint unbearable . He found leadership : "I usually do not , you replace him now! "

Project leaders believe the Little Paint , encourage him to continue to dry . Minor Pan back to the lab , or in the dark . In the end, Little Paint mastered the key technology out of the qualified insulators .

EAST is the world's first full superconducting non- circular section nuclear fusion experimental device . In its parent , the embedded too many independent innovation of Chinese scientists . "The whole project from the research for more than 90% , made 65 with independent intellectual property rights of technology and results . " Jian-Gang Li , director of plasma very familiar . October 2003 , there were 25 foreigners to Hefei on the EAST evaluated , including Britain, Germany , the United States , Russia, Japan and France , director of the Institute of well-known fusion and international fusion research organizations responsible , but also Including the " International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor "(ITER) project leader , and both are EAST construction of the International Advisory Committee. Comments from their writing is : "EAST will be a fusion of the world have an important impact of advanced scientific equipment; it is both the world's first superconducting magnet and active cooling structure of the tokamak , to achieve stability State run ; EAST fusion research is a major step forward , a new generation of fusion is the great success of personnel training . "

"Patient refused hospitalization "

December 2002 , Hefei, particularly cold winter . Song-Tao Wu , deputy director of the Plasma terribly sore throat , hoarse to speak . But he still kept working day and night , because he is the overall design of the host head EAST . A few days later , Songtao " dumb " , and even water are difficult. The doctor diagnosed him suffering from acute tonsillitis , called for the immediate hospital surgery , and written a single hospital .

At that time , EAST is in the construction of the critical period. Songtao determined not hospitalized , but bit by bit every day to the hospital for a while , and then work as usual . Three doctors asked him to hospital , were he refused. Particularly in the Songtao helpless doctors made medical history records : "The patient refused hospitalization . "

EAST built 8 years , the plasma is not only harvest the world's first non-circular cross section with the full superconducting Tokamak device , but also mixing with fighting spirit on the one fighting force .

General Manager million Hee often work overtime , work the front line in the experiment . But he is a gastrectomy 4 / 5 , and suffered from heart disease, myocardial infarction lesions has also left people .

Director Li Jiangang frankly , our team , not an academician , is common scientific and technical personnel to do engineering . The team created a miracle : After 8 years of effort , EAST device debugging successfully once . "This kind of big science projects, if a person up to standard , it will affect the progress of the whole project . "

Independent innovation , patriotism, team spirit, hard work sacrifice , an EAST project , so that our fusion technology has many gains .

November 21, 2006 , the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor plan (ITER) was officially launched , the scheme known as the man ultimately the best hope to solve the energy problem . As a participating country, our country will bear 10% responsibility. In such a large scientific project of international cooperation , the Chinese people can have a place , which has great success with the EAST association .
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