Means of fishing protection for the South China Sea, China, advocating hard

Evening newspaper , found reference to the news story worthy of our attention . That Japan's " Daily News " reported on July 27 : China and Indonesia Ship confrontation occurred in the South , entitled " China's ship of the Indonesian armed vessels threat . " Reported that on June 23 , the Indonesian navy ships in the Northwest Natuna Island area about 57 nautical miles from the region to ask the Chinese vessels . The Chinese white large-scale fishing vessels to monitor warned : " If you do not release the detained Chinese fishing boats , (we ) will attack . " China ships a large -caliber machine gun pointed at the other side , the Indonesian warships have entered the fight status .

The " sea confrontation "because the day before more than 10 Chinese fishing boats operating in the area caused . Indonesian patrol boat seized a fishing vessel which . Authorities believe that , "This is the Indonesian exclusive economic zone , does not allow other countries fishing in this operation . " However , about 30 minutes later , two white Chinese fishing boats in the area to monitor , using the radio said , "We do not admit that this is the Indonesian exclusive economic zone . " And demanded the release of detained vessels . This is the bow that says " fishery 311 , " the fisheries surveillance ship , the warship in March last year to reform and put into use in the South China Sea, China's largest fisheries surveillance vessel .

Patrol boats being released , but the next day to reinforce the Indonesian navy ship has again seized the occasion of arrival of the vessel . It is said China does not fear the emergence of the Indonesian naval vessels , because the fibers do patrol boats are easily defeated . Indonesian eventually had to release the vessel . However, the Indonesian government have pointed out , "and engaging in illegal operations with the armed escort the first time . "

China's official media only reported the detention and release of 22 Chinese vessels Indonesia event , not reported 23 naval confrontation between China and Indonesia the situation .

This is the fishery and the Chinese fishermen last year , five boats were successfully expelled the U.S. Navy spy ship intercepted " Impeccable "after the event , while defending the dignity of the motherland , but also highlights China's fishery in the cause of China's border and coastal defense can not be replaced Role.

China's special forces as the rise of fishery , will have to make contributions to safeguarding China's sovereignty in the South China Sea , this time on the Indonesian Navy's tough action , the effective protection of our fishermen , but also highlights the will of the country , that the national fisheries administration in the maintenance of our future South China Sea, the determination of interest and action , intended to warn neighbors and back the United States : China will not be bullied , the South China Sea will not compromise sovereignty of our firm ! Fishery and marine rights and interests in safeguarding the work of the motherland to make new contributions !

In this respect, sincerity and soldiers on the need for the South China Sea, Chinese fishermen using hardware means I advocating the Guardian ! It indicates that the Chinese Government fully understands the will of the people , can not again be so one-sided control himself , one-sided emphasis , " and harmony " of good-neighborliness policy , on matters involving national sovereignty and territorial integrity is related to the diplomatic major problem , and made consistent Popular with the national power and national determination to hard-line stance , its action is really included in the South China Sea core interests of our country !

Very much hope that China 's position that such a match with the image of our national strength and the attitude and actions , more and more put together in order to deal with the South China Sea neighbors, China Nansha group attempts to contain and combat .

Inherent in the South China Sea territorial waters of China since ancient times , the memory of the soldiers , the Chinese invaded and occupied almost every year to the sovereignty of neighboring countries, the South China Sea made me a lot of protest , however , the Chinese long-term restraint , stick to "sovereignty aside , common development "principle So that neighbors and the background that China is good to bully the United States unilaterally , to seize the South China Sea islands to seize , to develop my resources on the early development of the South China Sea , making our fishermen fishing in the South China Sea with the traditional fishing grounds have been expelled and arrested .

The actions of Chinese fishery vessels , in addition to invasion and occupation of sovereign countries, I understand the South China Sea , not only the Chinese army has a strong commitment to defend the sovereignty over the South China Sea is China's fishery has again not " bite the bullet " , and the Chinese fishery ship with the U.S. spy ship They dare to block eviction , Haier and other small predatory occupation of the country , how can a blind eye ?

Now, in the South China Sea, the Navy has not only the strength to maintain our interest in the South China Sea , but also the power of the Chinese fisheries aid with such strong soldiers and civilians with two hands , to better safeguard China's territorial sovereignty and to create a sharp sword , in the future to make more China's fishery sea cruise ships , assert and maintain the legitimate sovereignty of our country !

China hopes to become better fishermen, fishery protection of God, and then allow our fishermen fishing in the South China Sea been detained or even killed neighbor to happen

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